8 Important Marketing Questions for Every Business

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

8 Important Marketing Questions for Every Business

As you can imagine - starting a business can be exceptionally demanding - especially when it comes to your first experience in the business world. The strain first time business runners or starters face can be attributed a range of different things, and can ultimately affect both the physical and psychological well-being of anyone and everyone concerned. One of the greatest lessons you can learn – is the knowledge and intuition to know when to say no and be patient.

If sales sustain your business, then marketing ensures sales

One thing entrepreneurs at all levels need to ask is: "How can I attract more customers? And the truth is that attracting and retaining customers is critical to the success of yours and any business. Attracting potential customers while fostering relationships with existing customers requires a strategy and plan of action. Your marketing strategy will become an integral component of your business success.

Marketing continues to evolve over the years, and always finds a new and unique approach or way to adapt to the requests of your target audience with customer behavior requiring a new approach to marketing. The challenge and interest is essentially about finding new innovative ways to attract your customers before your competitors do.

Here are 8 marketing questions to ask in order to grow your business

1. Who are your most profitable customers? What do they have in common?

2. Why do your customers choose to do business with you? Whether on the web or in person, have you ever asked them? Can each member of your management team answer this question the same way?

3. What really sets you apart from your competitors in delivering your products or services? Select three and make comparisons. Then see how you can adjust.

4. What is your unique value? What are you doing to communicate it? What are you doing to get your employees to communicate it clearly?

5. Which of your current products or services is no longer market-aligned? How did you get there with this product or service? What are the needs of your target customers? Are you able to make the best effort on what works best in your business without neglecting the other products and services?

6. Is your strategy for acquiring new customers up to date? What can you do to change it to keep pace with your business?

7. Do you know what works and what does not work in your way of promoting your business? Have you tried new methods in the last few years? And what about your actions and implications on social media?

8. Why do you lose money? Write down your top three reasons and also consult those who work with you to identify them.

In marketing, visibility is fundamental to your businesses growth. When people see you, they think of you – the same goes for your product. When you offer interesting content, you present yourself as a trustworthy professional, an industry authority that people listen to because they can count on what you have to offer – and so they will keep coming back!

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