Does social media effect on your clients?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Social media is one of the most effective channels for client relationship in our ultra connected world. Increasingly, consumers prefer this means of communication to ask questions to businesses, to make a complaint or to send them their compliments. Even if your brand masters digital marketing at your fingertips, it can easily miss the basics of social media client relationship. By implementing an effective client relationship strategy on social media, you will improve client satisfaction and boost your revenue.

does Social media effect on your clients?

In a world where more and more clients interactions occur on websites and social networks, they play a major role in the attractiveness of a company to its clients and prospects.

Client loyalty: When a consumer experiences positive client service on social media, he is almost three times more likely to recommend the brand. Conversely, more than 50% of clients stop using businesses that offer them a poor client experience.

Today, every client expects a personalized service from the company they interact with - this includes dynamic exchanges with a "real person" who understands his needs.

Like Twitter, Facebook allows you to interact directly with clients - but not only. The platform offers the ability to send private messages directly from the corporate page, creating a kind of virtual call center where you can hold conversations outside the public sphere.

Clients want brands that are responsive to their needs, preferences and behaviors. To conquer the new generation of consumers, businesses will have to rely on a personalized client experience on social networks.

The client relationship in the digital age has many challenges. With the advent of social networks, find out what are the solutions for better management of this two-way communication. Social networks have radically changed the way businesses interact with their clients, as well as the way people communicate with each other. With 2.060 billion people active on social networks, 68% of Internet users and 28% of the world population. We understand that this mode of communication can no longer be excluded from marketing strategies.

Social networks, new channel of the client relationship

It's no longer a secret, social networks have become an essential communication channel of corporate marketing strategies in the digital transformation. So far, the communication was mainly one-sided. Today, all sectors of activity are concerned by this two-way communication. The traditional channels (telephone, e-mail) are neglected by a part of the population (especially young people) in favor of Facebook and Twitter mainly. What has changed in the client relationship is the relationship to immediacy. Today, clients want immediate answers from companies and do not hesitate to let them know. Brands that can not be reactive to these new forms of viral communication would have to handle a crisis communication in case of bad buzz.

Social media effect on your clients

A dual logic of personalization and industrialization

The multiplicity of social networks makes it difficult for companies to manage client relations. These are all new points of contact with the consumer that mobilize time and human resources. In addition, social networks, by their public nature, oblige companies to enter a logic of personalization of interactions with consumers.

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