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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

On a purely practical level, creating an advertising campaign using the Facebook advertising platform is relatively simple. Over the years the work environment has improved substantially and now it's really clear what you need to do to start posting ads for your business. Facebook helps you reach more of the right people while they're on their phones, computers or tablets. Whether you are interested in visitors making purchases on your website, sales in store or installs for your mobile app. Facebook can help drive your business objectives across every device.

Facebook Advertising Tips 2019

Here are some Facebook advertising tips and recommendations that can help improve the quality of your ads on Facebook, allowing you to connect with your customers more effectively and achieve your business goals.

Choose the purpose of the Facebook ad

First, you need to determine your marketing goal. What will your Facebook ad provide? Is it to attain more likes or subscribers for your Facebook page? OR is it to generate traffic to a page of your website? To promote a product sheet of your e-commerce site by following the conversions? Promoting or sponsoring posts for more users to see? To invite subscribers or followers to a Facebook event? Answering these initial questions will allow you to choose one of the options offered by Facebook, during the first stage of the ad creation tunnel in the ad manager.

Prioritize information

By consulting the list of Ad Terms provided by Facebook, you will notice that their number is very impressive.

It's better to focus on the indicators that will really matter to your business, and is therefore necessary to filter and expel all non-priority indicators. And keep the few indicators that will allow you to have a clear vision of your campaigns. Relevance will be the selection criterion. This will depend on your business model, your digital ecosystem, your marketing mix and the product you are marketing.

Test your campaigns

There are so many options for you to test the effectiveness of your campaigns. You should begin by setting up your Facebook Business dashboards differently. Here, you can use A / B testing methodologies to test B versus A hypotheses, choose B whenever B wins over A and keep A as long as A performs much better.

Choose relevant visuals

On Facebook, it is the multimedia (photo or video) that engages the most users. Applied to a Facebook ad, this means that it is the image that will make the difference between your campaign and that of your competitor. "Live" images with humans, animals and/or bright colors, are usually the ones that result in the most clicks or responses. Ideally, the user can identify with the image.

Bet on retargeting

When a user surfs your website, you have the opportunity to appear later sponsored content in the feed of his Facebook page. Studies show that Internet users rather appreciate these retargeting actions.

If users have not visited your site by mistake, but by interest, they will be more likely to revisit your website, and this is thanks to the sponsored content inserted in their timeline.

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