How the Corona Virus is Helping Support the Work from Home Culture

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Corona virus or COVID-19 is weaving its web globally with each passing day. It has lead people to halt their busy schedule and look for options. In an effort to help support the prevention of the spread of this virus, a large portion of businesses and service orientated companies are suggesting or even insisting their employees complete their work tasks from home.

Corona virus or COVID - 19 is a virus responsible for the common cold that can subsequently lead to respiratory infections. (i.e. COVID-19) by the World Health Organisation. The unfortunate reality of the infection rate is that workplaces are the most prone to it, as a large number of people come together each day in a confined place.

A Global health emergency has also been declared by WHO for COVID-19. The number of infected cases is increasing with each passing day, with countries like Chine, Iran and Italy reeling from the results. Government and health authorities all over the world are warning people to be prepared for drastic changes in both their work and in their daily life routine. The primary prevention tactic being the ruling that people should avoid mass gatherings and remain indoors and away from places and situations where the virus could spread.

Corona Virus Globally

Corona Virus leading to Remote work

The reality, therefore is that the development of various platforms that would enable remote work are becoming more and more essential in tackling our current world. Leaders across the globe are calling for citizens to ignore busy places like theatres, malls, and as such a Work from home culture could also very well be part of the solution.

Businesses that provide Digital Marketing or online services, finance, lawyers and turning to this option.

Corona Virus leading to Remote work

COVID-19 Is Spreading

According to studies and health experts, it spreads from person to person. When an infected person sneezes or coughs it spread through droplets suspended in the air. As these droplets carrying the virus can be inhaled by people coexisting or working in similar space as the infected person, any collective meeting space is best placed for a greater reach of infection.

Protection against COVID-19

Few suggestions issued by health authorities that will help you stay safe and keep others safe as well include the following:

· Keep distance with infected people

· Sanitise your hands often

· Avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes

· While sneezing and coughing use tissues or arm sleeves

· Sanitise objects and surfaces which are frequently getting in contact

· Prefer staying back at home if you are ill

· Reach out for medical assistance if you are experiencing symptoms

Citizens Prefer to Stay at Home

China was the first country where the outbreak of corona virus was experienced and has since faced the worst impact in terms of numbers. Citizens have locked themselves in their houses after government rulings and only a few were allowed to commute to get daily supplies.

This step has helped them in decreasing the overall spread of corona virus. People are self - isolating in order to avoid the worst.

Corporate World Out For Solution

One of the major concerns from large - scale corporation is about how individual adults will report to work and whether the economy will come crumbling down.

Many companies around the corporate world are already looking into such alternatives as they do not want to wait for government orders or the worst outcomes of the pandemic.

Large scale companies such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon have already appealed to their employees to work from home.

Corona virus is helping to test the possibilities in remote work scenarios - from online learning platforms for schools and universities to digital conferencing applications allowing for live-stream and video conferencing opportunities.

When a large number of workers all around the world go remote, reports from home will help prove the fact - that working from home can be equally result-driven.

Pros of Working from Home

First and most vital pro is it helps us avoid the COVID-19. It is an actual reason as well that we are experiencing a hike in work from home.

Not only it will decrease widespread of it but also buy more time for health authorities who are looking for an appropriate cure for the disease.

When we decide to go out and work at our physical office, it’s not only us. The fact here being commuting services, cleaning staff, team members at the office and such other service we use also have to act. Hence we are putting co-workers and other people at risk as well. It’s high time we not only think about self-satisfaction and give the safety of others importance as well.

Corporate firms and online business that are going with the decision of making their employees work from home due to this calamity are not only keeping their employees safe but their families and communities as well.

A Work from home culture helps people maintain the life balance - working hours that are suitable to them. Happy and satisfied employees tend to have a stronger work ethic that has a positive effect on their productivity. We all need to stay positive and keep our lifestyle positive hopefully it will result in overcoming the unwanted phase.

Corona Pros of Working From Home

Success Factors for Work from Home

Trust your employees; they are also worried and willing to complete their tasks with utter dedication. Managers are often worried about the performance of their subordinates. Work from home offers a workforce the opportunity to leverage time.

They sit back and work with more concentration enhancing their productivity. With nothing to worry about and the time, they have chosen is the best for them.

It is an appropriate time for showing trust in your employees, thus earning their trust in return. It will help you accelerate the productivity of employees in the long run.

The team can have a discussion online and be available online despite location.

HR managers have a valid concern when it comes to considering alienation and isolation on the part of workers - especially those confined to small spaces. There are also concerns regarding poor technology and infrastructure available for completing your task remotely.We cannot be assured that every employee has an optimum network or working system for his/her job at their homes as well.

Using cloud system and company-issued laptops or MacBook’s can be a good alternative. Companies and workplaces need to revise work from home strategies and other related issues.

Communicate with your team more often, when working together in an office space we unintentionally get in a lot of communication guiding our way through work.

Working remotely one need to make extra effort of online conversation it can be a video call, text messages or group call depending upon the need.

Some employees hesitate to spark a conversation, making online communication effort is just a simple gesture of getting work details. No need to worry about what others may think the best way is to make notes of points and then initiating.

All points discussed you will be ready to work with utter concentration nullifying the risk of getting sick, commute, home, etc.

Special online meeting rooms can also be arranged for a team or other coworkers to discussing works. It’s a time where you can also create and explore or create new options for easing out the stress plus enhance the profits.

Many businesses and freelancers can also look into it as an opportunity as the demand of people who are capable of delivering working from remote positions has increased.

Stocking your home with canned food, drinking water, cold and flu medicines but don’t forget to get work items.

Work essentials that will be needed for setting up your work space at your home. Things like a note pad, sticky notes etc. make them available. Setup your work corner at your home with an internet connection and required system. Prepare a corner at your home where you can imagine yourself working.

Australia is one of the countries where the number of people infected with COVID-19 is relatively low compared to other statistics across the globe. This does not mean we need to overly cautious and ensure that all the correct preventative measures are in place. There is no time like the present in terms of discussing working from home options with your coworkers and managers. Give them a hand in planning the logistics and the remote work process, at the end of the day - we are all helping each other out.

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