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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

It’s common knowledge that Instagram plays a crucial role in the world of social media - with its 800 million active monthly users and 500 million active users who use its “Stories” feature daily. This huge number of potential customers cannot be ignored by companies, making Instagram an essential part of any social media marketing strategy today.

Instagram Tips 2019

Here are some secret Instagram tips that will help you improve your online marketing experience and put you one step ahead of your competitors in 2019!

Adding line breaks to your biography

To make your biography visually appealing, you can add line breaks to your bio.

Via smartphone:

Write your biography using a text editor and enter it as you would like it to appear in your bio, including line breaks:

· Select All and Copy

· Visit your Instagram profile and click Edit Profile

· Paste text into bio field

· Save editions

Via desktop:

· Log in to Instagram using a web browser

· Select Edit Profile

· Enter your bio and press enter per line to create line breaks

· Save the changes by clicking Submit

Check out all your posts that have been tagged

If you want to get inspired for your brand, is it a good way to check the profiles of people who liked your post? You can actually see the 300 recently appreciated photos that can be useful to see what captures the attention of your audience.

· Sign in to your account

· If you're on iOS, click the gear icon or the three points if you're on the

· Android and select Options

· Select the posts you liked

This feature is available only in the application. If you want to see an up-to-date list of posts you liked on a desktop, connect your Instagram profile to the Social Report panel and start monitoring your activity.

Deleting your search history

As you know, Instagram has a search history and displays the recent keywords the next time you do a search. If you'd like to clear your search history, follow the steps below:

· Sign in to your profile

· Click the gear icon if you are iOS or the three points if it is on Android select Options

· Scroll to the bottom and select Clear Search History.

If you do not want places, individual accounts, or hashtags to appear in future searches, Instagram may also exclude them from your search history. To do this, visit the search page by clicking the magnifying glass icon, and when you see the search you want to remove from your search history, tap and hold until Hidden appears and click on it.

Adding Multiple Instagram Accounts

If you plan to have two or more accounts (for example, one for business and one for personal), follow the steps below.

· In your profile, select the gear icon / three points to go to Options.

· At the bottom of the screen, click Add Account.

· Sign in to your second account.

· If you want to switch accounts, click the arrow next to your profile name and select your second account.

Monitoring the activity of the users you follow

Interested in knowing what the users you follow are doing on Instagram? If you have a company that wants to get an idea of ​​the types of posts that drive engagement, just view your users' activity, including tastings and comments.

· Select the heart icon at the bottom of the screen to visit the activity guide.

· At the top of the screen, click Follow.

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