Is WIX The Best Website Platform For Your Small Business?

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Why WIX can be good solution for small business

Today, a visually appealing and responsive website is a must for small businesses. Customers have made up their mind about your business within the first 10 seconds of seeing your website.

In the past, building a website required you to have some level of programming knowledge. Now, there are a number of great website builder services that allow you to make a beautiful website without knowing a single line of code.

The best I’ve found is WIX for small business in Australia.

It offers an easy to use interface and a ton of great advanced plugins, SEO with WIX is incredibly easy. Over 100 million people worldwide us WIX and it has become very popular for small business owners in Australians.

If you have access to a computer, you can build a professional looking website with WIX in less than an hour to boost your business.

Also, because it’s designed for small business it’s very affordable.

Here I’ll show you why the top 7 reasons WIX has become such a popular option for small businesses in Australia.

#1: Ease of Use

This is the most important aspect of any web builder for small businesses. You want to spend your time working on your business, not your website.

Wix uses a special feature called their ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) builder to get you started quickly right out of the gate. Answer a few simple questions about your business and ADI generates a professionally designed website based on your answers.

How awesome is that!

#2: Design Flexibility

Your business is unique. That’s why it’s important that your website builder gives you the flexibility to let what makes you special shine through on your website.

Wix has over 500 professionally designed templates to get you started covering all types of industries to include retail, food, pets, photography, music, and much more. Then once you’ve selected your template, you can start customizing it with complete control without any coding.

Check out this video that compares Wix vs Wordpress vs Squarespace.

#3: Functionality

It’s nice to have a beautiful looking website, but a marketing strategy for SMB in Australia needs the right functionality.

Wix gives you the power to better serve your customers and increase revenue with powerful functionality. Here are some of the top functions for Wix for small business in Australia.

Online appointment booking

Clean contact forms

Customized customers surveys

Create and send invoices to customers

Insert videos to highlight benefits to your potential new customers

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#3: Additional Features

Wix is always adding features to serve small businesses. Here are some of the top additional features you’ll find helpful.

Wix App Market: filled with over 250 popular apps and powerful services, covering anything from SEO features to email tools that help you grow your business.

For example, you can connect your contact form from your website with email marketing services like Mailchimp to grow your email list. No more wasting time adding each person manually to your list. It’s done automatically.

Wix Video: upload or stream video from YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, and Vimeo. You can easily create your own video channels and display them in a beautiful video gallery. Also, you can import or upload videos using the highest quality settings so they look amazing.

Most importantly, videos are automatically optimized for mobile viewing to server your mobile customers.

Wix SEO Wiz: SEO with Wix is a snap! They will have customers finding on Google in no time because Wix allows you to enter all the info Google needs to rank your site including your industry, target keywords, and location.

Also, Wix provides you with a personalized SEO plan that you can do yourself or give to a professional like me to carry out to drive new customers to your business.


Wix Ascend: Did you know small businesses that you live chat see an average of 300% increase in online sales?

This tool helps you connect with customers using a live chat option, create personalized messages for them, send marketing emails, and post on social media, all in one place.

#4: Help and Support

Nothing is more frustrating than wasting hours on hold with customer support. High-quality support is another critical factor for small businesses.

On Wix you’ll see help buttons everywhere on the site so if you face any trouble building a specific section of your site, click on the button to find the solution.

Also, they offer an extensive help center so you can find comprehensive answers to the most common questions in seconds. If you’re still stuck you can talk to a real person directly via phone or email Monday to Thursday, 5am-5pm EST.

#5: Online Payment Options

An easy way to increase revenue is to accept payments online. Wix makes this easy with a number of options.

The built-in options include the most popular credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. They also offer POS integration using Square. For even more options you can use integrations to accept AliPay, iDeal, PayPal, and offline payments.

#6: Backup and Restore

Websites can crash or get corrupted from time to time. Normally, it takes hours to get back online and you will probably never be able to recover your previous data.

Wix automatic backup system allows you to restore your website in seconds and makes sure you never lose your data.

#7: Value for the Money

Wix pricing is designed specifically for small businesses.

They offer a free plan to get you started. When you’re ready to start growing, the Wix base plan is $14.50 Australian/ month which is great for small business websites, blogs, and personal websites.

Then, when you are driving serious online sales, the top tier plan includes unlimited bandwidth and storage, unlimited video hours, Google Analytics integration, 100% commission fee for eCommerce, and heaps more for only $56 Australian/ month.

Final thoughts

There are a ton of website options out there, but it’s important to find one that fits the marketing strategy for your SMB in Australia.

I’ve tried all of the most popular options and recommend Wix for small business in Australia because of the combination of ease of use, beautiful design, powerful features, value for the money, and SEO with Wix is simple.

I’m here to help you. I can create a powerful marketing strategy for your SMB in Australia. Contact us to see how I can help your business.

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