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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Lead For your Business

If you are a small business owner, there is no doubt that through your efforts to promote your product and generate leads you would have come across the BUZZ words on everyone’s lips at the moment – LEAD GENERATION. SO - what is lead generation? Simply put - Lead generation is a strategy in online advertising that assists in converting potential customer attention or queries into a definitive purchase or use. These ‘leads” are generated for a wide range of purposes - including online newsletter list acquisition, list construction or simply to win clients. The ways of generating leads are many and range from paid advertising to social media boosts. The advantages of lead generation within the contemporary business world undeniably outweigh the counter arguments - within this ever-changing landscape – the reality is – that winning over clients has never been more challenging.

Businesses are undeniably feeling the pressure to run PPC campaigns like google AdWords and Facebook advertising in a bid to drive traffic to their company sites. And while these campaigns are often successful - they can be costly. Businesses have to pay Google or other platforms each time a user clicks on their ad, regardless of whether the user performs any actions on the business website or not. In addition, there is no way to determine the “quality” of the visitor to respective sites through PPC campaigns.

So – while there has definitely been some success with PPC campaigns - the conversion rate from ad clicks to active/purchasing clients is comparatively clients low. On the flip side, leads generated via organic search terms and platform, are significantly more authentic and therefore concentrated. Every time a visitor visits your website seeking info and signs up for your own newsletter or agrees to receive promotional e-mails, the likelihood is that the visitor could convert into a prospective customer.

The truth is, that based on the statistics – and all marketers love stats – research and past experience suggest that lead generation as a strategy on a social media platform is most effective through targeted advertising campaigns. Lead Generation has proven most effective through targeted campaigns on platforms like:

• Facebook

• YouTube Videos

• LinkedIn

The world is full of millions – make those billions – of potential customers for your products or services. But how do you find and reach your target audience, without spending (or wasting) too much time, money and resources? And how can you help ensure that the people who visit your Web or social media site are truly interested in your offerings?

Don’t forget – that at the end of the day - companies are in business to make a profit, and can only make a profit if they provide the products and services that their customers demand. Meeting these demands means that they are able to generate revenue to keep the business going and to even expand it. Lead generation could work for almost any business as long as the targeted ad is seen by the “right” potential customer and that the content – both written and visual is they contains the type of CTA a client wants to click on. Trends show that lead production will become even more popular in the future, specifically for service-oriented businesses.

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