The Best Way to Post on Instagram

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with more than an estimated 700 million active users. Not only is it one of the most preferred platforms of the public, but it has also become one of the most sought-after mediums for advertising investments, where some sponsored posts can generate a small fortune depending on the digital influencer.

As everything has its tricks, Instagram is no different, and here you will find the best ways to post on Instagram and achieve your most desired results.

Instagram post from your phone

You can download the Instagram app on any platform, after all it is available for Android and iOS devices.

Choose the best photo or video

In the "Library" option, you can choose one or more photos (if you are interested in making posts in carousel format), or a video of up to 60 seconds that is already saved on your phone.

It is possible to resize the image so that it is in the square format or readjust it in the best way for you ensuring it fits the maximum measures of Instagram. To switch between these options, simply touch the button in the lower left corner of the selected image. Both the "Photo" and "Video" options allow you to take a photo or record the video directly from the application.

Do not forget to certify the quality of your camera, remember that the people who end up following you want to see the best version of the photograph or video you choose to upload.

Filters and Editions

While the photos you upload may not be professional, one of the greatest features of Instagram is to apply one of the many special filters on offer to “up” the quality of your standard feed. Instagram facilitates this process with dozens of filters capable of enhancing the image, change coloring, modifying contrast etc. At the bottom of your screen, you can locate the "Filter" and "Edit" options. With these two options, you can leave your photo as you see fit. It is like a mini image editor, with all the functions most used.


Although images are the predominant factor on this social network, captions are also important to engage your audience. Caption the subtitles, use emojis, speak to the language of your target audience, and be sure to use the hashtags. Just be careful not to pollute your post with several hashtags!

Best way to post on Instagram using the desktop

The web version of Instagram only allows us to view, enjoy and comment on the various the images that fill up your feed. It does not, however, offer us the ability to publish photos or videos. There are, however, platforms like Instamizer/postgrain and hootsuite that allow you to make the postings via computer.

After you register on Postgrain/Instamizer, you can start publishing on Instagram (the free plan gives you the right to 8 publications per month). Here's how easy it is to step-by-step how to post using Instamizer:

Choosing the photo or video

On your Dashboard, there are several options in the side menu. Choose "New post". Then just drag your photo or video to the area that says "Drag your file or Click Here", you can also click on the image to choose the file on your computer. Instamizer allows you to resize the photo or even create a white background. If you want to tag people in the photo, this is also the time. In the case of video, you can choose the thumbnail and preview it.

Filters and Editions

In order to apply the filters that Instamizer offers or to do the editing, just click on "Edit image". In this area you'll find options similar to those in the app, but you also have access to additional features such as inserting stickers, removing red-eye, and including text in the image itself.

Fill in the fields

Once you have done this, you will need to fill in the fields with your post information. Select the profiles in which the image will be posted (the free plan allows you to publish in 1 profile). Then, in case you want, include the location, it is worth remembering that regardless of where to post this part is optional. The options are to search for a location or let the browser find out where you are.

Then write your caption with a maximum of 2,000 characters. You can use a shortcut button with emojis and another one with hashtags, where you can save groups of hashtags and use them when convenient.

To share the post on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter, you need to connect Instamizer to these networks.

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