The Pros and Cons of using WIX to build your website

The Pros and Cons of using Wix

If you are looking at building your own website, but are unsure as to whether WIX is the best platform for you – look no further. We have weighed up the pro’s and cons to make your decision-making process – that much easier.

WIX is an amazing platform for small businesses to use in order to build and design your own original website. The best thing is that it offers both free and paid subscriptions to people for creating websites using its wide range of design and tech – based tools.

Before talking about the advantages and disadvantages of WIX, it's important that we delve into the details about the WIX platform and all it has to offer businesses looking to create websites.

What is WIX?

WIX is a cloud-based best website platform for a small business that affords business owners the opportunity to choose ready – designed templates or to customize their website by simply navigating through tools to drag and drop external elements to develop their business site. It also provides web hosting and gives the freedom to create your domain name through both free and paid subscriptions.

Small businesses that use WIX to build their websites consider the platform easy and convenient to use.

Your online impression is marked by the way your website is designed. If you have a well-developed website that is easy to navigate and has been properly organized then it creates a positive impression on people. We often ignore websites that are confusing to handle and navigate through.

WIX gives you all the options and ready to use tools to create a perfect website according to the category for which you are building the website. There are already mentioned topics to choose from on the WIX. The most common topic categories are:

  • Restaurants

  • Business

  • Blog

  • Accommodations

  • Event sites

  • Beauty

  • Fitness

  • Art

  • Online e-commerce stores

  • Portfolio

Also, you get the freedom to implement your own unique ideas to the website.

What Wix can do for you?

Before going forward to develop your website on WIX, you need to decide which type of website you are looking for. The topic and the purpose of the website helps in customizing the site according to the specific needs of the topic category and target audience.

You get access to many topics to select when you proceed to build a website on WIX.

The reason why it is considered easy is it has several beautiful ready to use templates for you to select. It undeniably makes your work easier. Rather than starting from scratch, you can have a blueprint of the website in no time. You can then proceed to edit the template according to your requirements.

Another amazing thing that WIX can do for you is that you can insert your own videos, images, text, and other media elements while editing the website.

If you don’t like the readymade templates then you have the option to select the blank template where you can start developing your website from scratch with the help of the WIX editor.

Pros and Cons of WIX

Though WIX offers wondrous solutions for a terrific Online presence for your business, it also has some cons. It’s for you to weigh up both the pros and cons of WIX before deciding to start with WIX for developing your website.

Things you need to know before using WIX website builder

Here are almost 14 things you need to know before using WIX website builder.

Let's take a closer look at some of the positives and negatives of using WIX.

Pros of WIX

1. Upgraded templates for the design.

With a sophisticated drag-and-drop feature found in the WIX design, in just a few minutes, it allows anyone to have a beautiful design and function. This means that, for virtually no investment, a fully functioning and attractive web presence is available to everyone. While the free plan offers less than the premium option, you will find that a solid experience and immediate access are available to you.

2. Intuitive and useful interface.

According to site experts,, the back end interface used to set up and design the website is not the best looking or advanced, but it is highly practical. All the tools you'll need to set up your site right there. In addition, to improve and perfect the presentation of your brand, you will find plenty of tips, guidelines, and customizable templates.

3. Won't be bound by long-term plans

By hooking you on a 24 to a 36-month contract, the only way that many website builders will allow you into a premium service plan. This is not a layer that they're using at WIX. Your upgrades and premium services, starting at as little as $5 a month, will be added to your website as you please. Plus, you can cancel it at any time if you believe it's not working.

4. WIX takes care of your site security.

You will find that these sites run well at a great pace right after you set up your Wix account. As both of these sites run on a well-protected network, you will never need to worry about performance problems. This means investing more time and money in enhancing the website's efficiency and learning about the different services provided in their various premium packages.

5. All in one Solution for your Website

All you have to do is contact the WIX support department if you run into some kind of problem when using the WIX platform. WIX is really user-friendly, there's no need for you to continue to wrack your mind trying to find out what could be wrong. Emails, direct phone calls, and a very helpful and interactive FAQ section can be used to contact the support desk.

Cons of WIX

1. The starter plan does not remove your site's ads.

There should only be advertisements on your website that directly benefit you, but this is not how it works. Even after the $5 a month first entry-level fee, you still won't see the ads lifted on your website. You will have to buy a special plan, which is especially costly, to have these advertisements removed.

2. No unlimited plans available

The unlimited bandwidth or storage solutions that some others offer, WIX websites will not enable you. This is even true for the higher-cost business plans sold.

3. Designs that drag and drop can limit your creativity.

There are still some limitations, even though there have been some great improvements over the past few years. Now you can drag and place elements wherever you want, but it can still be a bit of a difficult process to get the whole thing to look exactly how you envisioned it. Designing and setting up a website on Wix properly takes more time than many people fully understand.

4. WIX's App store doesn't really offer apps.

With the selection of tools found in the App Store, you can add all sorts of features to your WIX website, except that they are not actually apps. I-frames which add some functionality to what you are doing is what you have. Although it is really easy to install and work with the solution, it is not almost as practical as what many individuals need.

5. SEO with WIX is a pain in the neck.

Access to the SEO Wizard provided by WIX is available, and this works well to maximize content optimization. But since it runs a bit behind the times, the amount it can achieve is limited. Grouping, ranking, and keyword targeting are most of the focus. This might not be a deal-breaker, but for those seeking long-term solutions to online dominance, it is certainly a disadvantage.

Ultimately, WIX Websites are a good entry-level solution accessible online to just about everyone. For very advanced needs, the solution may not be the best, and some of the necessary characteristics can be costly, but it gets the job done at the end of the day.

Working with WIX

It is quite easy to use the WIX platform. Still, if you can’t figure it out yourself then we are here to make it easy for you. Let’s unpack how to market your business on WIX with these easy steps.

  • You have to sign up first if you are new to this platform. The registration method is very straightforward. Just fill in the information outlined in the sign-up form and you are registered.

  • You will be ready to log in after signing up. Log in with your registered password and email.

  • It asks you what kind of website you want when you log in to the site. Simple questions related to your work will be asked.

  • This gives you the option to choose from readymade templates or give some WIX requested answers and get ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) for your website.

  • You can add things of your own.

  • You will publish it to the entire world after completing your site and the search begins for fresh experiences.

  • Just a few steps and with your website, which looks so professional, you are set.

How WIX can help you grow?

In this competitive world, you can get a kick-start with WIX. Let see how the WIX platform helps you to get ahead of your competitors online and how to market your business on WIX.


You need to get an area analysed to grow your business when you are planning something.

You ought to know how trends are changing. How the customer thinks about your product. The areas that you need to improve.

It is not worth doing it manually. So WIX gives you solutions to all these.

Here are 7 crucial things to know about Wix.

· For your website, it gives you analytics. It shows you how good it is to engage individuals with your website. And they also propose areas for improvement.

· It provides a clear picture of how SEO works on your website.

  • WIX provides you with a Personalized SEO Schedule.

  • WIX with the help of Social Tools makes your social network strong.

  • SEO Analytics is also provided on the WIX platform. You can see your page ranking with this.

  • It also calculates traffic through visitor Analytics for your site.

  • It depicts your site beautifully through Beautiful Email Marketing.

These amazing WIX tools give you the ability to be in this world of competition.

Can you rank high with WIX?


Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) is essential for online success. There are almost 200 million (and counting) active websites out there, and only so many of them can stand out. If no-one can find it, the most beautiful site in the world is not valuable.

You have WIX covered on beautiful sites, but is it good for SEO anyway?

The simple answer is Yes!

Its ease of use is one of WIX's main selling points as a website builder, and the same applies to its SEO functionality. WIX has built-in all of the basic SEO features, and most of the advanced ones as well.

This can also be the reason why WIX is better than WordPress.

The Pros of using WIX for its SEO

No requisite coding: To use WIX SEO, you do not need any coding skills, which is marvellous. For newcomers, SEO can be a bit daunting, but WIX keeps it simple and intuitive.

SEO is in-built: With plugins and widgets, there is no need to mess about. In the WIX dashboard, SEO functionality is built-in, which means you can focus on the content.

Integration into Google: It's very, very simple to connect WIX websites to Google Analytics and Google Search Console (both of which are super useful for SEO).

WIX can be a great tool for your website. But at last, it all depends on your imagination and skills to create a wonderful website.

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