Updated: Sep 21, 2020

How does social media  works?

For clarification and for those of us that feel overwhelmed by the countless acronyms and terms being thrown around at the moment - The marketing of products or services using digital technology, mainly on social platforms, both online and mobile, primarily through dynamic digital displays - is referred to as Digital Marketing.

This revolutionary move away from print advertising in newspapers and magazines, or brightly colors flyers handed out at shopping malls, was predictable and inevitable. And so, businesses – big, small or somewhere in between find themselves in a situation where they are heavily reliant on the work of people who know “social” better than anyone and the notion of target audiences and understanding what they want/need or are searching for – is more important than ever! The idea that GOOGLE knows what we are searching for before we have even finished typing the term or that Facebook and Instagram seem to read our minds with regards to what we are interested in seeing – is – quite frankly – no surprise.

Online Digital Marketing has always been and will always be content driven. While quality content (articles/posts/videos/images etc.) has the limitless capacity push to push advertising limitations, the possibilities are never-ending. The most admirable thing about Content Marketing is that it works in every industry, there is no disparity.

how to do Marketing ?

In light of understanding WHAT Digital Marketing is – we must ask – what are the TOP reasons we should be using DIGITAL to promote our businesses?

· Digital marketing has made it so simple to reach a limitless variety of different people/users/ buyers. The simplest, and tried and tested method is through - E- mails.

E-mails have the ability to keep customers consistently and accurately up to date with all the latest information. Consumers/ customers or our target audience are 90% connected to an e-mail account and therefore have access to all the information you might want to/or need to share.

· At the moment - one of the biggest and most effective methods in successfully promoting and marketing your business lies the generation of new sales leads through Lead Generation advertising. Without leads, a business holds no weight or purpose. Generating quality leads is just as important as refining a pitch or closing a deal.

· In addition to generating leads and gaining interest and followers, Digital marketing is an ideal way in which you can improve your company’s brand It raises the profile of the business and ensures visibility all over the globe. The digital world presents enormous opportunity and can be considerably more successful and cost-effective than traditional marketing strategy.

· Finally – Digital Marketing, undeniably increase sales. Through respective platforms, times and location are no longer boundaries and we are able to sell our products or services anywhere in the world. This can be done without physical or face to face contact.

Since the emergence of the Internet and the immense growth of social media, instant gratification has become an expectation rather than the exception. Consumers expect responses to their questions or concerns quickly if not immediately and it is this aspect of being “switched on” 24 hours that will make your business stand out above the rest! With Facebook messenger, Instagram direct messaging, and other variants of communication platforms there is no greater medium for allowing our businesses and marketing strategies to being active and functioning 24 hours a day!

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