What can real estate agents learn from travel bloggers

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

On the surface of it the idea that a real estate agent might learn how to better do their job by using tips from a travel blogger might seem a bit bizarre. However the travel blogger has lead the way when embracing the power of online content marketing and other industries are slowly beginning to realise the power this blueprint has when revolutionising business practices.

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Understanding the importance of free and valuable content

All travel bloggers understand the value of content, and the old adage of ‘content is king’ is something that continues to ring true. There are a number of ways that an estate agent could follow the ‘blogger blueprint’ as it where and that starts with understanding the importance of the following…

People often do a lot of research before choosing where it is they are looking to move, whether that is with regards to either buying or renting. Decisions regarding property are not easy to make and clients often require a number of reassurances to alleviate the natural anxieties surrounding whether or not they are making the right choice.

With the continued increase in information shared online, the place most people look for advice on reputable estate agents would be on either social media sites, google or review websites.

Just as reviews are becoming increasingly popular, advice and opinions in the form of blogs have also grown in their importance when informing a person’s decisions. Blogs allow somebody the chance to read about a particular estate agent, town/city or a neighbourhood in order to give them an understanding whether or not it is right for them.

As an estate agent you can make the most of this increasingly influential habit by producing content specifically about yourself as a company, or about the properties and neighbourhoods that you serve. These articles can then be shared either on your social media or your website to provide you with a credible archive of valuable and informative content.

By providing a backlog of value adding content you give people a reason to visit your page at whatever stage of interest they may have in the property market. In fact, you also have the opportunity to attract people who previously had little to no interest in the property market too.

If you promote trustworthy, interesting and valuable articles on your social media platform you legitimise yourself as an authority as an estate agent. Well monitored and consistent blogs also generate more traffic to the company website by making you more desirable through means of search engine optimisation.

Develop a strong brand

Travel bloggers all know the power of having a strong brand and recognisable online ‘voice’.

It is very important to develop and then maintain an appropriate ‘voice’ for your company. Consistency in the tone of your posts not only presents itself as professional but it allows for your followers and customers to become comfortable in understanding your values as a brand.

Maintaining the same voice is also pertinent, if potential customers begin to read your articles or follow you because they like the way that you write then that is brilliant, but any changes to that might make them second guess you and look elsewhere.

If you’re planning on starting a blog for your agency then it is important that you are going to pay it the respect and time that it deserves. This means being consistent in both quality and tone, inconsistencies or the production of poor pieces of work can often prove more damaging than not having a blog at all, especially in an industry where good faith is important in developing a professional and profitable relationship.

Maintaining consistency with posts

Travel blogging is about being consistent; if you’re not planning on being consistent with your posts then there is little point in planning on being a travel blogger at all!

Thankfully you are not a travel blogger, so you don’t need to be as religiously strict as they do. However, it is a good idea to be aware that consistency highlights your dedication to inform and provide a valuable service.

When starting a blog it is important to set a ‘posting pace’ that you can reasonably keep up with. It might be an idea to write a number of articles before starting your blog so that you know you can maintain a steady posting pace at the outset. The early posts would be best kept non-specific so that work out how your blog is being received and by whom, you can then tailor your content to their specific needs should you need to.


Convenience goes hand in hand with the point about maintaining consistency, if you make yourself available on a number of social media platforms it highlights your desire to connect with you audience. Being able to find your audience on a more casual platform lets them know that you are dedicated to making their experience as convenient as possible. In the same way that most travel articles are now read on mobile devices, more people are browsing for properties on their phones or laptops.

An increasing number of people are not only viewing properties via links from social media but are actually actively starting the process of enquiring about properties online too. It makes sense to utilise platforms with which your potential clients are both comfortable and familiar. It also gives you an area to share FAQ’s so that you can questions can be answered without having to respond to emails or answer phone calls.

Develop an understanding of influential property blogs

Being aware of any changes to best practises online is absolutely essential, one of the ways that you can make sure you’re doing this is by seeking out and keeping in touch with the most influential property blogs in your area. This is a classic tactic employed by travel bloggers too because being aware of trends, whether that be about a new and popular way to relay information, or what sort of content you should be producing, is critical when looking to maintain relevancy in your field.

Understanding trends and changes in popular culture can be fundamentally important in how your content is received, being aware of particular climates online is as critical in creating good content as any other tip in this list. Any travel blogger will tell you that it’s good to maintain consistency but consistency can be damaging if you’re constantly putting out information your audience doesn’t want to hear.

Reading other property blogs is also a great way to fill any gaps that you might have in your own social media marketing schedule. If you haven’t got any new content to post then it is always good to delve into another popular blog, identify an article that would be popular with your audience and share it on your platform.

Other blogs can often be the source of inspiration for new articles, reading other people who are writing about the industry can get your on creative juices flowing so it is important to read other’s writing on a weekly basis and not just when you’re stuck for your own ideas!

Understand the wider audience

One of the real beauties about travel blogging is that there are no limits as to who could potentially read the pieces you are creating and posting. This scope is powerful and unashamedly confident, but that’s not to say that you shouldn’t be too. People all over the world are looking to move to Australia, whether it to embrace the warmer weather, to retire in the sun or to relocate for a new job!

Australia is the envy of the world in so many different ways, let them know! If you have the ideal property for an elderly couple looking to enjoy their retirement sell it far and sell it wide, if you have a small apartment perfect for a backpacker on a working visa then do the same!

There are no limits to the number of people who are arriving on these shores looking for a place to settle down, understand that your posts don’t have to be focussed locally and make sure that your content is accessible and palatable to audiences from all over the world.

Honestly, you will be surprised at the power the internet and in particular social media has when spreading a well written article. You just need to put it out there and let it do the work for you!

Destination blogging

Travel bloggers are all about promoting a destination! This should be no different for an estate agent; after all you’re still trying to promote a destination that your clients will be seeing on a daily basis. The average travel blogger will understand what their audience deems as important when choosing to travel somewhere and it is your job to understand the factors that will help your clients decide whether or not to move to an area.

If you are unfamiliar with how to write an article about a destination then I strongly suggest that you take your time to read a few travel articles. I am sure that once you get reading and understand the feel and the tone being used by the bloggers that you will quickly see how you might be able to write a similar piece for a specific neighbourhood or property.

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Becoming a virtual ambassador

This is something that can be learned from travel bloggers, but also developed and made into something more unique to estate agents. You know the area where you are selling properties better than anyone else; you know what makes it tick, the local celebrities and the hidden gems (whether they be bars, cafes or just a really reliable mechanic). With your online content you have the opportunity to add a bit more humanity back into the process of buying and selling a property and you are given the chance to take time to highlight the small things which might make the biggest difference in influencing a potential buyer.

If you’re looking to promote an area in your content you might be pleasantly surprised by the amount of people who already live there who are willing to share of give feedback on your articles. Any feedback can be used to promote the area too whether it be in a new article or simply as ‘social proof’ with regards to you knowing your stuff about the locality!

After all what makes a neighbourhood? The properties or the people? Make sure to promote the essence of the neighbourhoods and go above and beyond the normal estate agent spiel. Of course people will still want know where the local schools are and if the area is well served by reliable public transport but it your job to make that everyday information more interesting, special and valuable to them.


In a world where online content marketing is becoming increasingly important it makes sense to copy those who practise it for a living. In many ways the travel blogger has perfected the art of creating value adding content both by understanding their audiences and by maintaining consistency in their posts.

By practising a sensible and considered approach to online content and social media marketing you have the opportunity to revolutionise the way that your company both practises and is perceived by your potential clients.

By using content in the correct way you can position yourself wherever you want to within the market and better understand how you want to develop as an organisation. By learning skills from other industries you are equipping yourself with the ability to grow and to react to changes in both best practise and public interest in the industry.

To be able to fully utilise the power of online content marketing you have the chance to not only separate yourself from your competition locally but to leave behind any other companies who have not appropriately adapted and changed with the times.

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