Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Facebook ad with Netiaweb

Facebook Marketing – defined by the targeted placement of advertisements promoting your product or service on the iconic social media platform - can help you actively engage with the countless users that matter most to your business growth. Implementing Facebook advertising into your marketing strategy is one of the countless hacks you could employ in order to increase likes or driving website clicks.

Facebook advertising features include GEO – targeting features or by recognizing Facebook users based on age, education, demographic, gender and/or interests and previous searches. Facebook uses an advertising algorithm that essentially not only affirms, but also maximizes on the company's popularity and highly regarded following. A Facebook advertising strategy is the combination of focus tactics that allow businesses to target specific users, taking elements such as Product need, Place, Promotion, and Cost, into account. In essence – the social media platform’s users’ social behavior determines Facebook’s marketing/advertising approach.

Facebook advertising is undeniably one of the most effective ways to grow your business and generate both leads and sales. With an impressive estimate of over 2 billion active users spending, each spending countless hours per weeks scrolling the platform, Facebook has fast become one of the top advertising mediums of recent times. At the end of the day the strategic planning, research and production and promotion of effective ads on the platform will almost certainly catalyse growth and the exact response businesses should be looking for in their marketing plan.

There is no doubt about the fact that Facebook advertising effectively presents the best opportunity for businesses and services, of all levels and sizes to reach a target audience and encourage them to purchase products. Businesses, or individuals, who manage their Facebook ads effectually and successfully, can substantially grow their business and significantly improve their turnover.

It is fair to say, that while Facebook advertising may seem risky and is still relatively new, its success in growing business in unprecedented and is fundamental to any marketing plan. The formula is simple - paid advertising search helps your target market find your business and paid social campaigns help your business find potential customers. And how much you choose to spend is entirely up to you. In saying that, however, one must remember – like anything in life – one must put in to get out – and often the more you spend the more your business will make in the long run.

If you are yet to use Facebook as a primary platform for your business growth, generating leads or improving sales – I have only one question for you – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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