Why WIX Could Be A Good Solution For Your Startup

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Startups have taken over the market trend these days.

Everyone wants to own or start a new business no matter small or big.

Government policies and budgets also support the growth of startup companies.

But owning and functioning a startup is not as easy as it sounds. A startup takes a lot of effort, planning, investment, and strategies.

With the advancement in technology, everything has become accessible online. Every business no matter big or small own space on the internet.

Every business has its own website where they promote and list their services to the world.

Your company’s website represents your impression online.

A well developed and planned website which is easy for people to navigate through and use creates a positive impression for your company.

That is why while developing a website for your startup company you should be very careful.

WIX offers services to develop amazing websites for your company. Wix tools are user friendly and easy to use. With just a few clicks you can have a well-developed website.

If you are starting a startup, WIX can be your companion to take you to step by step through the entire process of developing your company's website. Among the 6 best website builders mentioned below, WIX tops the list.

6 best website builders are:


· WordPress

· Squarespace

· Sitebuilder

· Weebly

· webs

Reasons to choose Wix for your Startup

Let us explore the possible reasons as to why WIX could be your best website platform.

It’s Free

In a startup, you don't have the budget to hire professional developers and spend thousands of dollars on a website. The best thing about WIX is that it’s free. So the startups using WIX can save a lot.

WIX platform solutions for startups

WIX was developed so that anyone who has a computer and an internet connection could build a website. For as long as you want, you are welcome to use Wix for free and to build as many sites as you want. You also have the option to upgrade to the Premium Plans to get even more for your website or company, allowing you to link your own domain, delete Wix ads, accept online payments, and more.

Advanced Customization Options

Easy-to-use editors allow you to build just the way you want your site. These are the 2 most common ways to build:

Start from scratch with a blank template or open in the WIX Editor any designer-made template. Then add elements ( e.g. photos, texts, contact forms, etc.) using drag and drop technology and transfer them to where you want them to be put on your web.

Try WIX ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), the automated site builder to create websites that win the show. WIX ADI builds a completely crafted site with custom content and photos built-in for you after asking you a few questions about your site and your style preferences.

Website Templates made just for you

WIX has the custom designs and instruments ready to help you build a happening website. You can always find amazing templates and designs no matter what you came to create on WIX. It’s simple and easy to find models for websites tailored for a variety of topics and sectors, from online retailers to consulting firms, from portfolios to personal blogs.

Each prototype is developed by WIX designers who use rigorous market analysis to incorporate the most useful built-in features, plus all the latest styles, for the topic at hand.

The App Industry, which provides over 250 professional solutions you can use to customize your website, adds what you need to your website. You can find effective business tools to help you gather leads, evaluate traffic from visitors, connect with customers, and more.

User-Friendly Tools

When it comes to business and making it work online, the truth of the situation is that there are a lot of features that you need to run properly to make your time and your focus work. WIX is useful for making sure all its functionality and models are simple to use and comprehend. You will be able to get the best attention to the features you like, and you will be helped all the way, making the whole process much simpler and more convenient for you. This is a great way to get started, particularly if the concept of a website is new to you.

Frequently Updated

When it comes to constant updates and upgrades, WIX oversteps its competitors. It has always worked hard to ensure that the newest trends in terms of templates are up to date, but the same goes for everything under the hood, too. At no additional cost to the customer, new functionality and options are often added to the models and internal operations of the website.

WIX's people behind the scenes really know how to woo their customers, and that is one of the reasons why it is so popular with users out there for long-term use.

24 hours Support

There are times when we get stuck and are unable to get through. Not every service provider provides good support. WIX gets ahead here too. The secret to customer satisfaction is how you are at establishing good communication and support with your customers. WIX got hold of this secret tip and makes sure you are never stuck at anything.

What are the simple ways to build a website on WIX?

If you're new to WIX or curious about how it works, this is a walk through the way where it all comes together. To make it simple and not too confusing, you can see that each move is driven by WIX, thoroughly describing all the features and what you can do with each part. The steps are:

Sign up: Make a WIX account so you can access all the features and understand what kind of website you're trying to create.

Pick a template: You should select a template and then take a look at all of the choices available for customization. This part also takes time, since as far as models are concerned, there are so many choices to choose from.

Customize: Once you select a template, you can completely customize it to what you are looking for, from the smallest to the largest detail. It's really cool to see all of your information really falling into place exactly as it should be for your own sake.

Add elements: You can add the products you want to sell and all the details you need in terms of descriptions and payment options if you offer an e-commerce option. This is an excellent way to make numerous uses of your online space, and if you want to, you can always add this option later.

Make a domain name: Before you publish your website, carefully select your domain name, and then you can spread the connexion out to all those that can use it.

Publish: Your website is live with the click of a button so that everyone can begin flooding your page and make purchases as they want. It's a perfect way to learn the ropes and see how they do on your websites.

What we liked and disliked about Wix?

Before deciding on choosing Wix for your website a thorough WIX review is necessary. Below are some of the pros and cons of using WIX to build your website.

Website under construction

Pros of using WIX


I know that most people who look at WIX are likely to be interested in its rapid site-building capabilities, but the pace is essentially a major factor, no matter how you look at it. You wouldn't want a place, after all, that's quickly developed but performs like a snail, right?

WIX in this case is quite fast. That is why building and hosting your website through WIX wouldn’t be a problem.

Variety of Template Collection

There are typically several templates in almost every website building resource I've come across to date. Not only does this help as a guide for those who do not want the trouble of creating a site from scratch, but it also acts as a source of inspiration for those who do.

With its designs and templates, WIX is highly generous, giving users over 500 to choose from. By any standards, that is a huge number.

They have a broad range of categories to choose from, from corporate boilerplate all the way to travel and tourism. There is really something here for everyone! These templates often come with some simple pre-entered content, so you can either choose to expand on that or simply wipe it over.

They also have models for online retailers, so you can easily have your own eCommerce website.

Upgrade Features with Wix app Market

WIX has an entire ecosystem of what it calls 'Apps' rather than giving you a couple of toys to extend partial functionality to you in the editor.

These are like plugins you can use on your WIX site to perform particular tasks. It also offers tools which will direct you as to how to market your startup on WIX.

Do you need a blog segment?

All you need to do is to change some settings, and there it is. I'd like to share some areas they cover here if you're curious just how comprehensive these apps can be:

· Chat

· Forum

· Events

· eCommerce

Cons of using WIX

Templates cannot be interchanged

This may be just me nit-picking, but it's a little irritating to me that you can't pass content from one template to another. I know it's a website builder and not Microsoft PowerPoint, but it would be good just to let me see how it looks on a few backgrounds.

So, nothing serious here but a word of warning. Carefully choose your template! If you change your mind later, all the content you have built on your original design will have to be manually shifted!

Paid plans are for Single site

Think again if you thought that paying a monthly fee for a premium plan would give you unlimited access to WIX for all of your pages. The premium features are not transferable, which means that for one site you buy it and it stays there!

Analytics are Paid

Website owners typically want to see how well their site does, and with Google Analytics or a few other similar tools, the best way to do this is. Sadly, you need to upgrade your schedule to use them with WIX.

This doesn't come as a freebie and can sometimes be extremely irritating because it's something as basic as a link to the Google API!

Final say: Is WIX good for your startup?

So, is WIX ideal for projects for small businesses and other websites? Well, WIX, in the website building room, has a well-known brand. It was one of the first to deliver end-to-end website development with no coding skills in 2006.

Statistics of start-ups using WIX

There are a number of online WIX feedback, but the bottom line is that WIX promises 100 percent simplicity for DIY website owners with built-in software (and they fulfill that promise), but they have a few disadvantages for advanced developers & intermediate DIYers.

WIX is pretty sweet. In its primary feature, it ticks off a lot of the right checkboxes (the mobile site editor is a nice touch) and it is possible to use them to quickly create pages.

On top of that, with the additional features and marketing resources like SEO WIX, there is still great value-added. This is something that would encourage new site owners, without having to deal with too much technological expertise or additional resources, to expand the scope of their site further.

Though it does have few drawbacks regarding prices and premium plans, but you cannot ignore the fact that WIX provides the best solutions and tools for building your website.

For small business using WIX can be a great companion and bliss to have in the market.

No matter if you want to build the website from scratch or ready-made designs and templates all you have to do is to drag and drop.

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