Why your business needs Instagram?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Ever since Instagram became mainstream, it has proven to be quite a powerful marketing tool for the businesses that are looking to expand their visibility and presence in the market. If you still haven’t jumped on the Instagram bandwagon, your business is definitely missing out on a lot.

why you business needs Instagram

If you still need more convincing, here are some of the benefits of using Instagram for your business and why your business needs Instagram.

· Impress customers at first glance

Keeping an appealing bio on Instagram is definitely a guarantee to earn more followers and more clicks to your website. It will help your brand spread more awareness as you can include your brand’s name and tagline.

· Helps increase the traffic

Even though links don’t work on Instagram, but that wouldn’t stop your traffic. You should update the link in the bio frequently with promotional pages and meaningful content to attract more traffic on your website.

· Most people are using Instagram

According to the numbers, Instagram has over 800 million active users. Out of those millions, more than 500 million use it on a daily basis. With so many eyeballs available, there is no limit to the level of success your business can reach if you implement a dedicated Instagram strategy.

Active Instagram account

· Boosts your business

Advertising and promoting have become easier than ever thanks to Instagram. You can even run multiple promotions at once.

· Partner with influencers

You can take the help of influencers for having your brand or product promoted. They will spread the word of your products to millions of followers and be able to bring the sales to a whole new level.

· Visual Marketing

It is a saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words” and it is the very reason why Instagram has become such an effective marketing tool.

Making use of the right content, you can easily get your brand to overtake the pack by making it much easier for the target audience to share about your product. The bulk of internet traffic consists of photos and videos, and y making use of Instagram, you can easily share your content with the masses.

· Keep an eye on your competitors

Using Instagram, your company will be able to keep a keen eye on your competitors and observe how they are interacting with their followers. You will need to carefully watch and find out often they are posting, what they are posting, and how they are engaging with their followers. You will be able to use this gathered information to define your own company’s strategy.

· Analytics and success

With the recent updates of Instagram, a new feature named Instagram Business was introduced. This feature will allow you to track your analytics, meaning you will be able to see the unfollowers, new followers, user engagement, and what is trending on your profile. If you know what is working with the followers and what isn’t will help you and your business a great deal. You can do a weekly check of the analytics and alter your strategy for the upcoming weeks.

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