It is commonly understood that the way people search on the internet is dramatically drastically. People are looking for more comfortable ways of obtaining information and with the advancement of technology, this is becoming increasingly more possible. People are starting to use their voice rather than typing keywords in the little search box  - a feature that has become available with the advent of voice search devices such as Google Home or Amazon Echo. Many SEO specialists in voice search predict that voice search devices will dominate the next marketing era. Therefore, voice search optimization should be an essential part of any new marketing strategy.

Voice Search is a technology with built-in speech recognition that allows users to use their voice to find data instead of typing it into the search field. In voice search, the proliferation of smartphones and other small, web-enabled mobile devices has stimulated interest.

Why do I need SEO Voice search services?

There are several reasons why, year after year, voice searches continue to climb the list of key platforms for search and marketing strategies. One of the main reasons is that voice search is 3.7 times faster than typing, providing quick and effective feedback for when a person has a question or wants information. For this reason, voice search technology certainly appeals to the masses. Voice search is also more convenient, particularly when individuals are busy or unable to use their hands - like driving or cooking.

Netiaweb has a clear understanding of how this search method will continue to grow and appreciates the value of adopting new SEO trends in staying ahead of the competition. Our voice search Search Engine Optimization techniques, supported by professional voice search experts, will add extra value to your marketing strategy and website visibility.

We develop and execute high-quality voice search optimization and marketing strategies for smart voice devices and platforms, including:

  • Google Home, Google Max, and Google Mini

  • All iOS-enabled devices

  • Android


Highlights of our SEO Voice Search Services

Optimize your listings for Business

On Google's SERP itself, voice search results are always presented. Search engines for companies look for immediate information in the company listings, including data such as name, telephone number, address, and business timings. All your company listings are optimized to reflect clean and consistent data.

Getting these basic things right is of utmost importance for voice search SEO to work effectively.

Loading Speeds Page

The entire purpose of optimizing voice search is to provide quick results for users. Since users are looking for immediate on-the-go results, your page loading speed plays an important role. We analyze your website's technical aspects and optimize it to load faster.

FAQ optimization of your webpages

The majority of voice searches are FAQs related to your business domain and we optimize your webpages. Our voice search SEO service will help you and users identify your industry's most frequently asked questions and integrate them into your website.

Content Strategy Refined

For feature snippets, we optimize your content. The content strategy revolves around providing answers to your product and service. The backbone of your voice search SEO strategy will become our content strategy.



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