Search engines have placed increasingly more emphasis on websites offering high-quality, user-friendly experiences and higher rankings. That means having a solid digital foundation is essential for companies in the current competitive world. With the help of technical SEO, you can achieve that solid foundation and stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Our Technical SEO services start with a detailed analysis of your website. Our professional technical SEO services will inevitably enhance your website’s discoverability by coding, connection building, off-page, and on-page optimization -based on its current state.

Through Netiaweb’s services, you will get the best technical SEO services that will help your business website grow. Technical SEO deals with many activities affecting speed, crawler behavior, usability, protection, user device compatibility, and navigation for websites to run with the right attributes - layout, data processing, HTML script.

A technical SEO project will focus on updating the layout of your website that will ultimately ensure a layout that will ensure web pages that search engines can easily find. The focus of a technical SEO audit is to optimise exposure and the use of these techniques, including the use of the right content in HTML codes.

At Netiaweb our SEO team will help you overcome the challenges of technical SEO. We ensure that our clients get the best SEO services delivered for their websites to grow. Our team which handles our company's technical SEO services is focused on generating quality traffic through technical SEO leads to your website. 

 The most frequent technical SEO problems that we help to solve are:

·  Website programming- Over the last few decades, web technology has come a long way. To enhance the user experience, several new features can be introduced. 

·  Internal link and site navigation- Using a logical navigation system is also vital to ensure that visitors to the website and search engines can navigate to all your relevant sites.

·  Page load speed - One of the 200+ variables that impact the search engine algorithm is how easily a visitor's browser loads your web pages. Reviewing all website components is very critical and seeking ways to reduce load time so that all web pages load as quickly as possible.

·  XML sitemap -The design and maintenance of an XML sitemap is one of the most efficient ways to get your new web pages easily indexed in search engines.

Highlights of our Technical SEO services are:

  • SEO audit

  • Optimization of Your Google My Business Listing

  • Keyword Research

  • Competitor Research

  • Redesign / Redirect 404 error pages

  • Optimize Your Meta tags and ALT tags

  • Update Google Search Console and Google Analytics

  • Implement SEO recommendations

Contact us today so we can help you to improve the SEO ranking of your website. Get the best assistance for Technical SEO services at Netiaweb.



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