WIX and WordPress

A reflection of the quality of your services is your website. Your website may be obsolete, inadequately available to your target audience or not user-friendly if you do not get the anticipated leads from your website.

Our maintenance services ensure that your website is always in its best form so that you can concentrate on business expansion, staff management, product or service quality improvement, and research.



In a nutshell, maintenance of the website relates to the practice of ensuring the correct operating condition of the platform. It's an integral part of keeping the site safe and secure.

Maintenance of the website involves a broad range of processes, such as testing and installing updates, tracking uptime and protection, and optimizing search engine content. More specific activities that are involved depend on the type of site you have. E-commerce sites, for instance, typically have more nuanced needs than personal blogs.

For others, it may seem like the most cost-effective alternative to choose to forgo routine maintenance and address problems as they come. After all, if you paid thousands of dollars to get it constructed in the first place, how much work would your website theoretically need?

However, you need website maintenance if you want to keep your website running optimally and reduce long-term costs. It's like buying a truck. It will work well at first, but ultimately, if you want it to last, it will require some tuning up.

Neglecting the maintenance of websites can lead to massive disturbances and unnecessary costs.



You know what, we get it—the tension that any new update comes with. You don't need to read horror stories from the plugin update to know that a poorly tested update might just ruin your whole site!

Our maintenance plan for our WordPress website ensures that any plugin, theme or WordPress core update headaches are avoided. And we can quickly roll back to the new stable update in case of any hiccups, or you can access premium support.

Regular security scans

You will always be alerted to the smallest bit of security problem captured in our daily malware scan with the WordPress website maintenance packages we offer. And we will take your website through a preventive 'Security Fix-up' run when you sign up with us to fix any conspicuous issues, just to be doubly safe.

Regular backups

We're always going to remind you, even though you don't need to be told how important backups are. Backups of the WordPress website are just as important as backing up your contacts or photos, so you never have to worry about missing something.

With the maintenance plan for the WordPress website we sell, backups are a job you can hand over to us. We will make sure that the most recent copy of your data is stored and easily accessible.

Our other offerings:

  • Broken links

  • Broken images

  • Page load errors

  • Other error messages

  • Hack recovery

  • Improve site load time

  • Image optimization

  • Optimize scripts

  • Site Caching

Graphics + Media
  • Image editing

  • Slider Creation

  • Social Media Covers

  • Photo retouching

  • Video editing

  • Site migrations

  • Social media posting

  • G-Suite/Outlook integration

  • Mailchimp/newsletter help